Friday, July 2, 2010

Dark Clouds And Thunderstorms Ahead

Lately, I have been getting up at least 3 times and sometimes 4 times a night for my night urine and this is really disturbing my sleep. As a result, I do not get sufficient sleep unless I skip my qigong classes which, sometime I do when I am really tired and want to get more sleep. Currently I complete my juicing at 7pm but will move it up an hour to 6pm in the hope that it will help to reduce my night urine.

The pain around my shoulder blade area is still lingering and I have been rolling in bed to shift the pressure. Sometimes I feel there is pain but when I move my hands over to press and check, there are none. Sometimes I also feel the pain is around the middle back area. Yesterday evening, I had some pin like pain for short period of spell around my right abdomen area. So I am not sure if I am moving into another round of painful spells. I have read other cancer patients' blogs who followed the Gerson Therapy (the last being yesterday), a man said he experienced excruciating pain before he was cleared of cancer. He did not however say how long he had the pain. I hope I am in similar path as part of the healing process prior to recovery.

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