Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Show Must Go On

My attention is now focused on exercising the shoulder blade area. Although the pain arising from the area due to sleep is improving, there are still some exercises I must do to help ease the problem. The blood clots in my phlegm is still there especially if I have a very hard cough. Blood clots are signs that the wounds are healing. Like in the hand, after a cut, the blood clots to allow the cut area to heal and overtime, the clotted blood drops off. However, when it happens in the lungs area, that area is moist and the normal way is to expell it through coughs. So long as there are no fresh blood, I believe things are under control.

There are not much happening these days. I am still busy as ever, doing marketing, making the soup, jucicing and performing coffee enemas. Boring as it may be, the show must go on. I have to constantly remind myself not to slack and continue to focus on the therapy. With my improving condition, it is much easier to do nowdays.

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