Monday, July 5, 2010

Happier Days Ahead

I went for a light massage yesterday. While my neck and shoulder are not so tense, I still have a little headache. I am now preparing my coffee enema solution and hope to take it soon after as it will help me. The pain around my shoulder blade area caused by my body weight during sleeping is still there and I am managing it by sleeping on my sides.

Come Friday, I will have safely completed 10 months of the therapy. I will write a short summary in point form some highlights. If my body indications and feelings are correct, then I am in great shape.

I will be travelling to Singapore this Sunday to meet Dr Rama, my homeopathy doctor for follow-up. Upon arrival, I am meeting KC, a fellow Gerson Therapy patient who is one of the visitor to my blog. As he is under supervision of a Gerson therapist, I hope to learn more about his experience and find out more about other patients who are following the therapy. I hope to modify my therapy to make it more effective by learning from the pros.

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