Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Determination Is Good But Informationless Is Bad

The backache on my shoulder blade area continued to be a problem for me as it disturbs my sleep. So I have to toss and turn all night. As a result I did not sleep that well and now I am getting a little headache in the mornings. My remedy is to take naps during day time.

I think I am gaining back some weight though it is not showing in the weighing scale. That electronic weighing scale that I used is not accurate because depending where you stand on the platform, the weight shows up differently. Anyway I just stand in the same position everytime when I use it and only for a guide.

Currently I am assisting another cancer patient via email and they have chosen Gerson Therapy after reading a brochure published by a multilevel marketing firm over conventional treatment. They started the therapy before I got to know them through a common friend. They are really brave because despite not reading Dr Gerson's book, they have embarked on the therapy based on information on the brochure only. They are facing a host of problems now and subsequently contacted me for some suggestions. Of course, remedies to many of her problems are found in the book but since they did not read, they did not know what to do. There are also other problems not found in the book though, one of them is low blood pressure (besides vomitting) which they think is caused by the coffee enema. Caffeine actually causes the blood pressure to rise. Anyway, she was hospitalised and the doctors put her on a sodium diet and some anti-vomitting medicine before discharging her the next day. Meanwhile I am searching the Net for more information and see how to help them. I know they are not following the therapy completely based on some information given to me. My warning to them (her husband) is that you are risking a life of a person by doing a therapy that you have only sketchy information and no complete idea how to do it properly.

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