Thursday, July 29, 2010

Moderate Expectations

I have been on two coffee enemas for the last three days and my body is telling me that I need to go back up to three again. By late afternoon, I feel a little dull and the night enema is also difficult to do. I will revisit after my first anniversary on 11 September. My body also feels a little warmer these few days. Everything else looks and feels normal. During the last few days when I was doing the coffee enema, I experienced a slight pulsating pain around my right abdomen area lasting for a few seconds. This is the first time I experienced it since I started doing coffee enema over 10 months ago. Nothing to worry, I think it is a good reaction.

As I approach year 2 of my therapy, I am rereading the materials to see what changes I can or should make to my diet and therapy. Should I continue with the strict regime since I started? Actually, I can enjoy more variety of foods now but I have not. It's still too early now to decide because what I can do will depend on the outcome of the scan.

For now, the diet that I am on is not that bad but of course, it can be improved. Improved it will but only after the results are out. Of course I am expecting some positive developments (if the signals from my body did not betray me and the tumors did not operate in super stealth mode).

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