Tuesday, July 20, 2010

As Time Goes By

I have been reading up a little bit on the shoulder back pain. Pains that occur under the shoulder blade may signal a warning that the pain is not in the shoulder itself, but can be related to a pain from one of the organs in the body. The shoulder where the pain occurs can give the clue which of the organs are affected and causing the radiating pain into the shoulder. Pain under the left shoulder blade can be a signal that there is a problem with the stomach or in the chest. Pain under the right shoulder blade can be a signal of a gall-bladder inflammation or gallstones. Or it can relate to liver disease, or a problem with the duodenum. With the problems that I am having, the pain seems to be consistent with the above explanation.

It could also be related to posture because in my case, this only happens towards the early morning during my sleep. When I am awake, there is no pain around that area. It maybe due to consistent pressure of the body weight that could have caused the pain which can happen during sleep. Anyway I am trying some exercises around the shoulder blade and back area in the hope it can help or to relief the pain. If I remember correctly, I did encounter this problem earlier and it went away after a while.

So far, indications from my body are good. My buttocks feels less painful now when sitting as muscles starts to grow back. The buttocks are most sensitive because other than standing, it will be affected when sitting or sleeping. As time goes by, other areas of my body will continue to improve.

I am a bit busy today having to run some errands and will be in town for a few hours. I am now busy preparing the necessities to take along so that I can still continue my therapy while in town. If I have time, I will drop by to say hello to some of my ex-colleagues.

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