Monday, July 12, 2010

A Tiring Trip

Today is my first day of my 11th month of therapy. There are some developments, though I am not sure if that is good or not. This morning, I again cough blood clots. This time, it's a little more that the last time but unlike last time which was very painful, there is a little pain in my lung areas. I was also examining my right side of my stomach and noticed there is one vein protruding just underneath the skin. If you press it a little, there is some pain.

I just came from Singapore a little over 2 hours ago. This time the trip is a little tiring because of the timing. I had a lot more time to kill and so when to do some windows shopping. Anyway Dr Rama thinks I am making good progress and he is anxious for me to take a scan and thereafter see the oncologist to review the progress. The scan is being planned for 30 August while the review with the oncologist is on 2 September, followed by Dr Rama on 3 September. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I met KC for the first time and he looks really thin. I also found out he stopped Gerson Therapy since March 2010 after being on the therapy for 6 months. His reason for stopping was that he was feling weak and there were a lot of stomach gases resulting him being not able to eat so much. Despite being supervised by a certified Gerson therapist, his conviction to the therapy was not full. He seems to have doubts and also felt the therapist is not doing correctly. Anyway he is now back to do his second round of chemo. I wish him luck. Perhaps the therapy is not for everyone.

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