Friday, July 9, 2010

302 Days And Counting

Yes, tomorrow marks the end of 10 months of the therapy. These 10 months passed safely and I hope the following months will also be good. Summary of what happened during the last 10 months:

- Responding to therapy
- Body weight stabilisation
- Higher energy levels
- Minimal body pain
- Growth of muscles/flesh around buttocks, rib areas and other parts of the body
- Signs of tumors shrinking

- Initial weight loss
- Experienced stomach gases, fevers and body pain during healing process
- Persistent mouth ulcers

I have been reporting improvements in my energy levels and body health, so today I put it through a test. I (with my wife) took my sister in law and her Scottish friend for 1 day tour of Malacca. We visited all the must see sites (Stadhuys, St. Paul's Hill, St. John's Hills and Hang Li Po Temple) and also did some shopping at Jonkers Street buying some souvenirs and biscuits/pasteries. However, we could not sample the famous Chicken Ball Rice nor the Satay Chelup as there was just too big a crowds at the restaurants, so we ended eating other local food instead. The planned 6 hours trip ended taking 8 hours instead. I still managed to take 7 juices and two enemas in between. I had oatmeal and fruits (apples & guavas) for lunch and teatime. The damage if any was a stiff shoulder. I felt very good and no loss of energy nor did I feel weak. This is not the end as I will be heading for Genting Highlands this evening too! I am taking this test to gauge my stamina and health condition as I plan to do some work/travel later part of the year. I think I passed, a far cry from the last test in November 2009.

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