Sunday, July 11, 2010

How Do You Mend Broken Confidence?

I will be travelling to Singapore shortly.The last few day has been hectic and I drove my visitors around town and also to Malacca. My chedule for this morning is also packed beside having to do one coffee enema and also preparing the juices before I leave. However, except for feeling tired, perhaps due lack of sleep, I am feeling very good. No major problems encountered.

Recently I wrote about a case which you can read here, the patient is now hospitalised and the doctors has threatened her if she discharge from hospital and not take the chemotherapy, he will not be responsible should anything happen to her. He would also discharge himself as her doctor and will not accept her as a patient anymore. Due to her lack of understanding of the Gerson Therapy (which I believe was due to not reading the therapy herself), she has lost confidence in GT and wondered if she should stop GT and take the doctor's recommendation. My friend contact me and asked if I could see her to convince her of GT and after discussing with my wife, I think it would best not to meet her because I am not a qualified therapist and I do not want to be held responsible to influence her to make such critical life and death decisions. I can only say that people who do not want to read and understand the GT docementation should not do the therapy because these people will not be able to handle problems that arises during the therapy. She must have the confidence in herself in order to do and complete the therapy.

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