Thursday, July 15, 2010

Endurance Race

Since suspending coffee enema, I have been feeling lethargic, a little dull. Not sure if this was due to the body still not being able to expell all the toxins from the body on its own. I do not cough most of the time, hence I do not know if the blood clots found in the phelgm has stopped or not. I also have this feeling of heart burn and do feel I have a little indigestion, so there is a little discomfort around the lower rib area. My breathing is normal, even when exercising which is a good sign. I have been able to generate bowel movements without problems. By Saturday, I will resume back my coffee enema.

Until I have completed the next scan at end of August 2010, I will continue with my therapy, monitor the progress and endure any of the healing reactions. The CT scan result is critical to show the progress or regress of the tumors. Of course, all signs points to a positive outcome, the question is one of degree of recovery.

Since changing my diet, I feel hungry all the time and I have been eating without restraint. I am worried about the development on my spare tyre around my waist. I am not into rigorous exercises at the moment and any excess weight is a burden on the body. On the other hand, this is also not a time to diet because weight loss is not good for me either. I will have to learn how to balance the two.

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