Thursday, July 8, 2010

Great Weekend Ahead

Everything is going fine so far. I have no major complains, not even the mouth ulcers is going to impact me. The body is strong and feels good. Sleep maybe affected slightly by the shoulder area pain due to pressure of the body during sleep but I think it will go away as I spend sometime exercising.

This is also going to be busy weekend for me as my sister in law is in town visiting together with her friend from UK. My wife and I will be showing them around town and come Sunday I will be travelling to Singapore to meet Dr Rama for follow-up. My new found friend KC is trying to arrange with a meeting with another couple who has successfully gone through the Gerson Therapy to cure cancer. I got so much questions to ask them, I will be making a list in case I forget.

This post will be short as well, just to let you know I feel great!

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