Sunday, July 4, 2010

Charity Begins At Home

Yesteday I experienced headache specifically around my left temple. I quickly embarked on my coffee enema to help out. I think internal "heat" has become stronger and based on pre cancer days experience, this is largely due to insufficient sleep. The other area impacted is the neck and shoulder area which becomes very tense. The back pain and night urine is the main cause of my lack of sleep. I have been turning and tossing all night to shift the pressure of my weight on my back. Looks like today I have to go for a light massage to release the tension build up around the neck and shoulder area and also lightly massage the back as well. I am not sure if the back pain is cause by my watching of movies on the TV while lying in bed and also the watching of some documentatries on my notebook in bed. Sometimes I am tired and lie in bed but did not sleep because I would not be able to sleep at night if I sleep to much during the daytime.

I met the lady with stage 4 lung cancer last Friday. I understand that she is currently undergoing chemotherapy with two more courses to go. Her cancer has also spread to the bones. When I met her, she was busy doing some part-time work and I suppose it must be giving her some good income because she could not find time to read any of my articles that I sent to her a few weeks ago. Prior to meeting her, I did some search at the Net and found a number of people who did chemo and also the coffee enema at the same time and shared how it benefitted them and help them reduce the side effects of chemo. I documented the website into a file for her. I told her, it is she that will cure herself of cancer, not the doctor or me. To do that, she must change her mind set. I do not know if she will follow because she was negative towards the diet and the coffee enema. I also reminded her that she got months to live and if the body deteriorates she may not get another chance to do any other therapy. I was a salesman desperately selling the Gerson Therapy product to meet my monthly quota. Sigh...

Going forward, I will continue to help out but my assistance will be to explain some other points of the therapy rather than to be a salesman. If people are not willing to help themself, then how can I help them? After all, charity begins at home.

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