Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Body Changes

I observed that there have been some changes to my body. For example, I have been having mouth ulcers ever since I started this therapy but for the last two weeks, I am not only free of mouth ulcers, the last time the mouth ulcers that wanted to develop just did not materialise. I have also been more tolerant to cold water now and can now bath in cold water. Previously I would shiver. My body which feels a little warm, sort of like slight feverish has also seen a drop in temperature, its still warm but not as much as before.

Yesterday I not only managed to complete my errands, I was able to meet many of my ex-colleagues and have lunch with them as well. I am happy to note a number of them have been keeping fit. One of them said I look young and yet old at the same time. Another said I look young from far but old from near. I think the explanation is that my skin really looks young (this diet is fantastic, better than any beauty spa or cream on the market to make you look younger) but I also have wrinkles around my forehead due to aging and also from weight loss.

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