Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Feeling Up

Today I will make my posting short because I am running short of time. I had quite a busy day including visiting my dentist. I had to make sure that the timing is correct so that I do not miss out any juicing for the day besides going for the vegetables marketing and preparing Hippocrates soup.

There is still pain around my shoulder blade area but it is not that bad now. I have also been able to catch back some sleep by taking a nap in the afternoon. There is very little pain now. I think I am beginning to gain back weight. My buttocks are much firmer now and the skeletal ribs area has also more flesh now. The spare tyre around my waist is also getting bigger, so I may have to cut down some food!

I am feeling very good physically and the energy levels have also improved. A slight change in diet has reduced my stomach gases problem and now I am eating a lot more, especially fruits.

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