Thursday, July 1, 2010

Still No Blue Skies

This morning, the back pain around my shoulder area continued. What could be the cause of this pain. Could it be something I have eaten or other causes? The pain does not come immediately and only after long periods in the same position. Rolling over the side every now and then will solve the problem but when you are asleep, this cannot be done conciously.

Some information on my research into the brown rice grains is the amount of phytate they contain. Phytate is found in the outer covering (bran) of the seed and binds magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc, stripping it from the body. Grains are seeds with the potential to sprout and produce. They contains an anti-trypsin factor that inhibits this process until conditions are favorable and allows for storage for long periods. This factor will also oppose human pancreatic enzymes and interfere with digestion. This can be prevented by semi-germinating the seeds in the following way:

a. Soak grains for 12 hours in pure water.
b. Rinse, drain and leave in a glass dish at room temperature covered with a damp cloth for 12 hours.
c. In hot humid climates, rinse again - do not let seeds go moldy.
d. Cook as normal.

Due to the stomach gases, I have substituted potatoes with brown rice porridge. As a result of what I found out about grains, I will now stop taking brown rice porridge (because the preparation takes too long and cumbersome, so I will limit it to once a week) and eat oatmeal instead. I have also found out something about bloating. Bloating has been attributed to food combining. It is essential in the Gerson Therapy to pulp the different vegetables together. So one way to minimise this problem is to add apple to the vegetables when juicing. The malic acid from apples enhances the uptake of nutrients from the vegetables. Apples are cored but not peeled, as the enzyme inhibitor in seeds impedes digestion. Pectin, which is high in green apples, stimulates the immune system.

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