Monday, July 26, 2010

A Slow Monday

At 6am this morning as I was preparing my juices before going for my qigong class, I noticed that there was a slight drizzle. I drank my first juice of the day and stored one in the thermos and went back to bed. Woke up again 45 minutes later to drink my second jiuce and then continued my sleep. I was really tired and by the time I woke up again, it was already 8.45am. Its been a long time since I woke up that late in the monrning. Sometimes the more you sleep, the more tired you feel. Today was on of those days.

Something is brewing in my chest area. There has been signs of some activities, not painful but I can sometime feel the pressure around that area. Also, I get this "lose food" lingering around the throat area that I need to cough and when I do, you can see some small amounts of blood clots in the phelgm. So far signs points to healing and I hope I am right.

Currently, I listen to most of my music through my computer, even when I am doing coffee enema. The music quality is flat. So I bought myself a small Philips Music Cube, a small CD player with acceptable music quality for the price that I paid (RM270). It comes with two external links, a MP3 and USB link to allow you to connect to external MP3/iPod player and also play song stored in UBS drives which is really convenient. A little luxury for me in the room.

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