Friday, July 23, 2010

Testing Of Confidence

I was a little busy this morning having to goto my daughter's school to collect her report card. Now that's done, I am trying to catch up my daily schedule. The last few days, I have been waking up at least four times a night (yesterday was six times) for my night urine. My last urine before I go to bed is 11pm. I finish my last juicing of the day at about 6.30pm, so I do not expect to have so much night urine but it has increased compared to previously. The only additional thing I eat together with my oatmeal supper is an apple. I am going to make a change from today onwards and observe if the situation improves. I will take my apple during dinner time together with other fruits.

I am still coughing now and then (not continuous basis) in the mornings and noticed there are still blood clots in my phlegm. Situation is under control and no signs of any adverse deterioration in the body. Things are good and I am having a good time. As reported previously, I need to improve on my sleep (one nap in the afternoon may not be enough).

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