Friday, July 30, 2010

Hanging On

For the last month, I have included red apples in my diet (2 to 3 apples a day for juices and eaten raw). I stayed away from other type of permitted sugars like brown sugar except when I am doing castor oil enema. Of course, it would be good to follow the Gerson receips but since I am doing this therapy on my own, I stayed simple and hence the food is not that tasty. I keep on telling myself, only for 2 years and almost 1 year is already up.

Last night as I was about to retire to bed, I sneezed. This was followed by blocked nose and as I lie down to sleep, I really had a difficult time breathing through my mouth. The heart beat seems slow and irregular. However, as the night progressed, the body calmed down and the blocked nose also started to clear, the breathing became more regular.

My back pain that arises when sleeping is most likely caused by posture. I have been using a higher pillow to support the head/neck and this seems to have eased the problem. The pain I have now is mostly from remaining in the same position for too long. I have also been getting up a little less nowdays for my night urine, mostly twice a night which is good. The change came about because I beginning to finish my daily juices, dinner and supper much earlier. Do remember, I still need two and a half hours for my homeopathy medication (taken after dinner) during which time I cannot eat anything (my supper actually). Eating too early is also not good because I can get hungry in the middle of the night.

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