Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Can We Eat To Starve Cancer?

Every now and then I receive emails from friends telling me about some cancer inhibiting foods. I have said this before and will say it again. Most of these information are directed to people WITHOUT cancer in the hope that the consumption of the food will help in the prevention of cancer. I received one yesterday and you can view the video clip on anti-angiogenesis. It is a very good presentation and many of the information presented are not new. Eating of foods to starve cancer are being used by various therapies. After viewing the video, I am tempted to abadoned what I am doing and take this therapy because it claimed over 80% success rate for metastases kidney cancer. But wait! The video is a presentation of the possibilities and I believe for it to be successful, it should be packaged with what the cancer patients can do. Many information are left out and it is up to the person to ask the right questions and this is where the danger is. Of course the better way is to talk to those people in the know so that they can work out a complete program for you. But for many of us, costs is always a problem and what if you cannot get that kind of help? You will be tempted to self administer like what I am doing. However, Dr Gerson wrote a book and packaged the complete therapy that anyone who cares to read it will be able to follow. What about this or other therapies that you receive by emails? What is the package and where do you find it? Are you going to mix and match yourself and hopefully you will not perish in the process. CANCER PATIENTS ARE VERY DESPERATE AND WILL TRY ANYTHING! I repeat, so as friends who are not inflicted with cancer with a clear mind, please be mindful of what you send to cancer patients. A recent case highlighted in The Star is a good example wherein a cancer patient was cheated of RM46K (which she borrowed from relatives and friends) because she found out from friends that this healer in Shah Alam can do heal cancer demonstrates the desperateness.

I am now in the closing stages of the 9 month of therapy. I will summarise for you on June 11 what happened during the last three months, which to me was the most difficult period of the therapy so far. I have structured my therapy in phases. This is my doing and not part of the Gerson protocol. You see, when you do your therapy in stages, you can check your own milestones as you go along. Rather than walk in a dark tunnel and hoping to see the light one of these days, breaking up the journey will give you some indication of progress which to me is is important. It's a form of check and encouragement that I need to help me get along. Friends have been asking me how I am doing and my standard reply was still trying my best illustrates the case. They must be wondering after 9 months, still the same kind of reply?

The last week or so has been very good and I feel my condition should improve further in the coming months. No pain! You know what this means to a cancer patient? I wish I have recovered but sometimes wishful thinking can do wonders. Maybe I have or maybe it's only a temporary reprieve. I will only know when I do my next scan in September 2010.

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