Sunday, June 6, 2010

Start Of The Recovery Process?

Yesterday morning, my throat was very dry when I woke up. I continue to take a tea spoonful of Manuka honey. After taking my first juice, I took breakfast together with the supplements, among them Niacin (100mg). When I finished breakfast, the Niacin starts to take effect and I felt blood rushing to my face. Just that moment, I felt blood flowing down on my left nostrils. I do get nose bleeding, sometimes once in a year especially for the last three years. Normally when this happen, my body is very "heaty" and I cool it down by drinking some Chinese herbal tea. I quickly sat down and used some tissues to stop the flow and after about 2 minutes I was back on my feet. I have sinusitis and when sometimes when I clear my nose too hard, it bleeds too. I also have tinnitus. Yes, indeed I am born with quite some defects but I have learn to cope with it since I was a kid and was aware of such things. I used to visit the ENT at KL General Hospital very regularly in the 70s for treatment, but unfortunately not much progress was made.

This morning the throat was also very dry but still no sore throat. My body does feel very warm and I think "internal heat" in Chinese terminology, is building up due to the lack of sleep. One of the problems that I have is that I get up two to three times a night for night urine and this disturbs my sleep. This is due to the amount of juices that I take in the day. I noticed that other patients doing the Gerson Therapy also get up for night urine. I catch up by taking a nap in the afternoon.

For the last two weeks, things has improved very much ever since the body pain has subsided. I am gaining back some weight (mainly because I can eat more with the brown rice porridge and absence of stomach gases) and my buttocks is also building back some muscles as I could sit more comfortable now. I hope this is the start of the long recovery process.

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