Friday, June 11, 2010

A Surprise Visitor

My regular juicer broke down again yesterday. It seems to break down every four months. My supplier told me that the juicer is not meant for heavy use in the Gerson Therapy (GT) but that was the best available in the country. Anyway I like the after sale service provided by my supplier. After my SMS, they came within 2 hours and then gave me a temporary juicer of the same grade to use while they take back the unit for repairs. That's service with no extra costs. For GT followers, we cannot stopped juicing for long and buying another spare juicer would be a waste of funds. Therefore, it is important to buy from suppliers who can give that kind of service. Furthermore the price I paid to my supplier is not more expensive than many sold in the organic or specilaist shops.

The mouth ulcers which besides giving me some pain also caused me to eat a lot less. Other than that, I have no other complains. The stomach gases is no longer a problem. As to my tiredness due to lack of sleep, taking the Q10 in the afternoon does help me to be more enegetic. Of course the afternoon nap also helps very much.

This morning I got a surprise visitor. A silky terrier was loitering inside my house compound (not the one in the picture). He is not very well kept, smelly, skinny and worst of all, full of lices all over the body. Either this dog has lost its owner for quite sometime or the owner did no have time to take care of the dog. I like dogs but the last time I reared a dog was way back in the 80s. I did not keep any dogs because I could not find the time to look after them. My eldest daughter asked if she could keept the dog if the owner does not came back and claim? I told her looks like we have to. I quickly took the dog to my mother's place so that we could clean him up immediately while we await for the owner to show up.

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  1. Upon checking the ears and the tail, the dog could be the Yorkshire Terrier breed instead.

    Anyway I hope to post a picture of the dog tomorrow after some cleaning and grooming. The lice are all over the body of the dog and will take sometime to remove them because there are just many!