Thursday, June 3, 2010

There Are Viable Alternatives

The tranquility of the last few days was punctured this morning. At about 5am, I was awaken by a sore throat. Historically, I think over the last decade, I get tonsillitis attack once a year. This would normally last for about a week and during the early stages, besides a painful sore throat, I would also get fever for about two days. After recovery, it would not disturb me until a year later. Very rarely I would get another attack within the same year. I drank some water to ease the dryness of the throat and it helped a bit. When I woke up at 6am, I took a tea spoonful of organic Manuka honey to soothe the sore throat. After I came back from my qigong exercise, the sore throat pain was gone but I know this is not the end of the story. It will come back again the next few days and I am bracing for another round of fevers. I am not sure if I should see a doctor to get antibiotics when it manifests itself fully.

In the Letters to DJ program at 988 FM radio yesterday, a listener wrote in to ask if he should inform his parents that he has three months left to live. This program allows listeners to offer their opinions and experiences. One said he should accept the reality and start to prepare his final arrangements. Still some others advised that he should not give up and get second opinion or talk to other doctors for a possible cure. In Malaysia, there is actually no short of alternative treatments, from more established alternative medicine like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to faith healers, miracle doctors and even bomohs (witchcraft). However, there are not many information that you can gather on such alternative treatment. Most of them do not publish nor have records of their success of treatment, most often relying on recommendation of friends who heard that he can do this or that. For more established alternatives like TCM, the problem is finding the right master who has the expertise to treat you. For me, I am not comfortable just based on recommendation. I am the type who needs to know what is the treatment about. I tried to call in to participate but could not get through neither can I write an email because I don't read or write Mandarin. So it looks like this person is resigned to his fate and this is really sad.

For me, it was by luck I discovered the video Healing Cancer From Insider Out. I watched the video and found out about Gerson Therapy (GT). I visited almost all the organic shops in Subang Jaya/USJ which I believe has the largest concentration in Klang Valley. Unfortunately, not one of them knows about Gerson Therapy. After a search from the Net, I found out about Newlife International that promotes GT and that's how I got started. Although this blog was started to record my last days on earth, but when the therapy began to show some positive results, I thought it would be good to use myself as an example to educate people like you that there is still another way. I do not consider GT as miracle because miracles happens only very rarely. Tens of thousands have been cured using GT over the last 80 years, hence you don't need a miracle to cure yourself.


  1. Hi Chang

    Would you like to try a natural remedy for sore throat? It was taught by a friend who is also a cancer survivor (brain cancer) who only uses natural therapies to cure ailments which he has experienced. I and hubby have tried it and it worked for us.

    Whenever you have a uncomfortable feeling in your throat, even before it actually becomes a sore throat, try this. Line down on one side, pour a few drops (abt 1 tsp) of hydrogen peroxide (must not be more than 3% strength) into your ear. Let the solution stay for a minute or two before you get up (it will flow out) and repeat the same procedure to the next ear. Do this a few time (2-3x)thru out the day and you will find your throat feels better. This procedure works most effective when you apply it before your throat is fully infected, otherwise, you will need antibiotic to clear the infection. I am all for natural remedies...have not taken a single pill of antibiotics since 2005. So far so good and I am blessed.


  2. Dear Joanne,

    Thanks for the tip. I didn't know you could use it that way for sore throats. I do use it for removing wax in my ears, especially in my younger days and once in a while now and then. I will certaintly try. It beats eating antibiotics.