Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Need To Have More Rests

My throat has been holding for the last few days despite there are signs that it will turn for the worst. I continue to take Manuka honey and also drip hydrogen peroxide into the ears to help improve the situation. My mouth ulcers is getting worst with three ulcers starting to give me more pain. A friend, Kok Piew who was on holiday visiting his daughter in USA was very kind and bought me a gel called Orajel to help me managed the ulcers. I normally do not use any form of oral aid unless the pain is stopping me from sleeping or eating.

My appitite is very good and I am eating 50% more than previously during my lunch and dinner. Despite eating so much, I still get this feeling that I am not full. I think the muscles in my buttocks are continuing to grow back as I can sit more comfortably now. Energy levels are good and the pain is almost unfelt. The only complain I have besides mouth ulcers is lack of sleep.

I give you a rundown of my typical daily timetable:

a. 6.00am - Get up, exercise and brush teeth. 7.00am if weekends.
b. 6.15am - Prepare juices and oatmeal for breakfast.
c. 6.30am - Qigong exercises. Ends at 8.30am. No qigong on weekends.
d. 8.30am - Start boiling coffee and prepare next juicing.
e. 9.00am - Straining coffee and store it.
f. 9.30am - Next juicing.
g. 9.45am - Coffee enema.
h. 10.30am - Next juicing and then oatmeal for morning teatime.
i. 11.30am - Next juicing and warm up Hippocrates soup for lunch.
j. 12.15pm - Lunch.
k. 1.00pm - Afternoon nap. Wake up at 2.15pm.
l. 2.30pm - Start of afternoon juicing.
m. 2.45pm - Every other day, prepare Hippocrates soup. Completes 2 hours later.
n. 3.30pm - Next juicing.
o. 3.40pm - Afternoon enema and then bath.
p. 4.30pm - Next juicing and then oatmeal for afternoon teatime.
q. 4.45pm - Rest time incluing taking nap if necessary.
r. 5.45pm - Next juicing and warm up Hippocrates soup for dinner.
s. 7.00pm - Last juicing for the day.
t. 7.30pm - Dinner.
u. 8.15pm - Start taking Homeopathy medication. Ends at 10.30pm. No food or water intake allowed during this period.
v. 8.30pm - Night enema.
w. 10.45pm - Oatmeal for supper.
x. 11.00pm - Goodnight.

As you can see, my whole day is really packed and of course in between juicing, I will go for marketing, read emails, update my blog, surf the net and run errands.

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