Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's A Mental Game

You might have noticed that the last few weeks, I have reported very good progress as much of the problems experienced in the months of March and April have subsided. My experience with cancer is that when things are good, naturally you feel good but when things are not good, you not only feel lousy, you feel you may have lost further grounds to the tumors. Under such circumstances, when things are good obviously I feel very positive about everything. My wife have reminded me not to keep my hopes too high and put too much pressure on myself. In a way, it's also a mental problem and the ability to handle the mind will have tremendous impact on how one handles the problems encountered during the therapy. Yes, I have sometimes wondered during severe pain if I should just let go. Why must I go through so much pain just to live another day? These thoughts will soon come to pass for after a tunderstorm, there will be calm and then sunshine.

I have been learning qigong for almost 4 months now. I must say my progress is about average because qigong is unlike other exercises. In qigong we have to deal with a ball of invisible energy that you collect from the environment and then apply to cleanse the body. The mind must not only able to visualise and carry the ball of energy with the hands, it requires absolute concentration. I know of friends who have learned for 2 years without any results. Sometimes I do feel some form of energy around my hands but at other times, nothing. You may go to class everyday and still end up with nothing. Sigh...


  1. One's mentality definitely has impacts on health. I read a saying recently: Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response. So it means one can live happily by consciously doing it.

    I'm sure you would enjoy every moment you spend with loved ones, would that be sufficient to endure another day?

    I admire and salute your strong will to fight the cancer, in addition, you have developed a great formula for cancer treatment. All you need to do is to prove it further, imagine, one day it may save millions of lives!

    Your family must be very proud of you :)
    Happy Father's day!

  2. Dear Hogan,

    Thanks for your support. Only managed to read your comments of late.

    It's not easy and the Gerson Therapy does not guarantee 100% success. I do not know what the outcome will be. But so far it has helped me to live decently and spent time with my family.

    The purpose of this blog is to share. Hopefully it can show others that there are other ways if they want to try. They can learn from my mistakes and hopefully their can recover faster with this therapy.