Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Coffee Enema

The Coffee Enema detox method are recommended both by Dr. Max Gerson and Dr. William Donald Kelly (who cured himself of pancreatic cancer in 1967). I would like to share some additional information on how coffee enema works.

Dr. Kelley recommends that you take a plain water enema (distilled water) before your coffee enema. This allows water to hydrate your colon (when a person is dehydrated and the coffee solution is used without a water enema being taken first the coffee is absorbed into the fecal matter and is wasted for the purpose of detoxification). For detoxification to occur the caffeine in the coffee solution must get to the hepatic portal vein and deliver the caffeine to the liver, which causes the bile duct to dilate and dump the stored bile in the gall bladder (the caffeine in a coffee enema gently stimulates this much needed dumping).

The liver receives two types of blood from the hepatic portal vein: (a) arterial blood from the hepatic artery, which brings fresh, oxygenated blood from the aorta and (b) portal (venous) blood which has previously passed through the intestine and spleen, which carries not only nutrients and, in the case of a person who has just taken a coffee enema, caffeine, but also various contaminants (drugs, toxins from food, bacteria, byproducts of blood-cell recycling). These two types of blood mix together in the hepatic sinusoids and, after the liver performs a diversity of functions, including the detoxification of drugs and poisons and the formation and secretion of bile — which often contains drugs and poisons — to the bile duct and gall bladder, which eventually dumps into the intestine) the blood then passes out of the liver.

To take the enema, lie on my right side on the floor or on a low bench and insert the enema tube letting the whole-quart (1 liter) of either water or the coffee solution go in and I hold it for about 5 to 10 minutes. Both Gerson and Kelley recommend holding the coffee enema 15-20 minutes, especially if you are in a “healing crises,” which is what Gerson calls the flu-like symptoms that Dr. Kelley experienced. A healing crises is the goal of every patient at the Gerson clinic and of Dr. Kelley because, even though you feel terrible, you know the treatment is working when you go into a healing crisis. Your job is to keep taking coffee enemas until the crisis is past and at that point you know you have improved your health (by dissolving toxins with the pancreatic enzymes and getting them out of your body with the coffee enemas).

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