Monday, June 7, 2010

Quite Busy Day

Today I have some errands to run and was really busy. I just came back and quickly update today's blog. I have to take my daughter to her Grade 8 Trinity practical examination and will be away much of the afternoon. After dropping off her at the examination center, I quickly headed for Newlife International to buy some supplies of the supplements. As a result, I had to change my juicing and coffee enema schedule to fit in the timing. I am glad that it's over for today. However, this Thursday she will be taking her final Grade 5 (highest grade, lowest being Grade 13) Yamaha Peformance examination.

The throat is still quite dry and I noticed my body temperature is slightly higher than usual since yesterday. When I came back this afternoon, my throat was really dry and I could almost feel the sore throat coming. I quickly took a tea spoonful of Manuka honey. Today I also feel very hungry despite eating quite a lot of porridge. Maybe it was due to the Hippocrates soup which was a little watery, not enough body to fill the stomach. Anyway I took oatmeal and also some fruits to help out. Up till now, the body has been good with minimal pain and the stomach gases is also minimal. However, two mouth ulcers have developed. No problemo, I can handle this problem easily.

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