Friday, June 25, 2010

No Easy Way To Success

Another former World Champion made a humiliating exit of the 2010 World Cup Soccer today. In Unit Trust investments, they say past performance is not guarantee of future performance. Likewise, in cancer therapies, past performance is not guarantee of future success. While the past approach and formulas used are the primary tools, the success and failure actually depends mainly on the players. That's why it is important that the players themselves are committed to the approach and formulas and play to instruction (as they say in soccer) to ensure success. For cancer therapy like those following Gerson Therapy (GT), I believe the commitment and following the instruction are key to how one respond to the therapy.

It's really tempting to deviate because the GT diet is one of the most difficult part to follow. I remember when I first started GT three weeks after my confirmation of cancer, I did another scan and size of the kidney tumor shrank by about 1.5cm after only three weeks in the therapy. Of course, this does not mean it will shrink 1.5cm every three weeks. It tells me that if you are willing to commit and follow, the results will be forth coming. So for the past 9 months, I followed the instructions and so far, I am quite pleased with the results. Yes it was not easy, there was so much in fighting (with the mind) but at least now I think I can say I can see the light, though a little faint, at the end of the tunnel. There will be distractions along the way, in fact many of them, but be focus and committed. That's what I am doing now and in the future.

At the moment, I am enjoying sunshine after coming out of a storm. I do not know if there will be another storm or not before I reach my destination but I think I am strong enough to weather another storm if it does comes. This journey take two years and I am only less than half way there. They say the first step are the most difficult but I have already done that.

Today is Michael Jackson's 1st anniversary. Wherever you are, may you be well and happy always!


  1. I will pray to God so that u will be always strong to fight this test, and of course so that ur health will be getting better from day to another ahead. Tcare Uncle - Hanafi - :)

  2. Dear Hanafiah,

    Thanks. You should also take care of your health too.