Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 274 And Growing Stronger

Due to the visit by the surprise visitor, a silky terrier, much of my time this morning has been taken to clean the dog.

Anyway, today marks the beginning of the 10 month of my therapy. The last three months have been eventful, particularly for the March, April and first half of May 2010. My first six months of the therapy has been relative pain free and mostly problem free. However when I moved into the March month, I began to experience pain. Although the pain did not come from itself, every movement of my body caused it to pain, even the slightly movement like lifting the hand and even sleeping down. For two and a half month from March to mid May 2010, this was the case. This was a testing time for me because I had to handle so much negative thoughts during this period. I told myself that there must be some pain in the healing period before the body could get better. How do I know? I started searching the Internet for other people's blog and through their experience, I know I am on the right path. Some of the healing reactions include fevers, stomach gases, coughing of blood clots and abdominal pains.

As mysteriously the pain came, it went away and sometime in the mid of May the pain began to subside. The body begins to feel better followed by a slight increase in weight. Doing normal work did not cause me to breath frantically as before and in fact I had more energy. The stomach gases problem lingered a little longer until the about the last week of May and then slowly subsided. The only problem that was present from the start was the mouth ulcers.

I am now into the second half of the 2nd phase of the therapy. While the 1st phase is for stabilising the tumors, the 2nd phase involves the shrinking of the tumors. So far body indications are good and the next three months to Setpember will be focussing on this aspects of the therapy. Come September 2010, I will do another CT scan to access the actual situation. After that we will be moving to the 3rd phase of the therapy, root elemination.

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