Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Know Your Therapy Before You Begin

Last night, I organised some of my previous blog postings and classified them into similar topics to allow for easy searching. I have received some email requests for more information about Gerson Therapy (GT) and I realised that the current diary format of my blog posting would not allow a new visitor to get the information quickly.

Yesterday I received a email request for some clarification on certain aspects of GT. The writer whom I will called KK said his wife is now doing GT and would like to know a few other points. From his questions asked, I am quite certain that the GT materials that he is using may not be complete and most likely he did not understand what GT involves. I know the GT book is quite thick and maybe a little difficult to read but I think anyone who wants to do GT on their own MUST read and read, then understand the therapy before they begin. I am not saying I am an expert (actually far from it) but from my own experience, an understanding would help answer some of the basic questions like forbidden foods and detoxing. Yes some other information like body pains and healing reactions might require some experience and guidance but Dr Gerson has also provided some basic information on these matters as well.

My main concern is the some people mistakenly think if you are doing juicing, then you must be doing GT. They also think one must also detox the various individual organs in the body. Worst still, some people who do not know much about GT is actually providing the information! Many other therapies also recommends juicing, though in different manner of preparation and drinking intensity. Juicing is only one of the three main pillars of GT while Dr Gerson has only approved coffee enema as the main detox method. All this confusion came about because the person doing GT did not read the book. Dr Gerson did not just write about the therapy itself but the underlying theory that led to his therapy. Understanding these will help one answer some questions about certain things even though it may not have been mentioned in the book because we are guided by the principles.

So I really hope people doing GT on their own, please ask yourself this question. Did you read the official book on GT? You may get bit and pieces of information in the Internet and even a summarised copy of GT but it is still not complete. You can buy a copy at Newlife International at SS2 or from the Gerson Institute. Don't put your life or your love ones life in more danger than already is.

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