Thursday, June 17, 2010

Murphy's Law

When you are doing the Gerson Therapy(GT), there are some uneventful things I observed that will make it difficult for you to do the therapy. The following are events that I think will make life very difficult for me:

a. Power failure
b. No water supply
c. Car breakdown and
d. Juicer breakdown.

For items (c), I can still call the taxi and for item (d), I have arranged with the supplier for a temporary loan of a machine while it's being repaired. But for items (a) and (b), it can be a challenge. This morning, there was no water supply. I have of course kept some filtered water but it's only enough for cooking but I need lots of water for washing. Although there are reserve water, I can't use them for washing because the whole family needs that reserve too. My only hope is now at my mother's place where I will fetch some water. Her place is not affected by the water cut. My last resort of course is to buy filtered water from the hypermarkets. Alternatively I can move my juicer and vegetables to her home and park there temporary until the water supply comes back. I am lucky in that my mother lives close by but what about those that don't? For power failure, I do not have a backup plan other than at my mother's place. This is scary.

After a short break, I do not have any problems eating stewed vegetables and potatoes. Except a new batch of mouth ulcers is now forming, I have a relatively good time eating my lunch and dinner. No additional problems observed. So far so good.

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