Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Relaxing Midweek

The last couple of days, nothing much happened. Morning go for qigong exercises then juices and coffee enemas. Body feels good. I am still eating brown rice porridge with pumpkin or sweet potatoes for lunch and dinner. I noticed that sometimes the stomach gases build up when I am hungry, especially in the evening when I pick up my daughter from school at about 7pm. The stomach gases, though not so frequent now is still giving me the creeps. It can really turn my day upside down.

Yesterday an ex-colleague which I last met 10 months ago called. Apparently he was not aware of my health condition wondering why I had not kept in touch the last few months. During the catch up conversation, I also found out another ex-colleague is having cancer and she is now resting at home. That's really sad. Everyone I speak to nowdays seems to tell me this or that person is having some form of cancer. Apparently, 35% of causes of cancer comes from the diet we take. In our quest to make food taste better, a lot of additives or food enhancers have been added. By the way, some of the vegetarian food which are sold in Malaysia (such as char siew, siew ngap and the like) are made with synthetic chemicals to make them taste like their meat counterparts. According to a friend of mine (who ironically is a salesman who peddles such products) those synthetic chemical are very harmful to the body. Please don't each such stuffs! Just stick to vegerables and keep away from processed vegetarian foods.

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