Sunday, June 27, 2010

In The Beginning

No, this is not a book on the scriptures. These are my experiences that I hope to share with you. It relates to how I follow and do the Gerson Therapy. These are NOT intented to replace the book (which you must read). I am not a doctor or a qualified therapist. The source of these information are from books that I have read. These are just to help you to get started.

These series of short notes that will covers a few areas, namely:

1. The Mind - dealing with your wondering mind, keeping focus and staying positive.
2. The Theory - my way of explaining the theory to you. You must know what you are doing.
3. The Diet - how to follow and do this difficult diet - my way; adapt it and it becomes your way.
4. Healing Reactions - what are some of them and how you can deal with it.

1. The Mind
Before we even start to talk about the therapy itself, the first area that I would like to talk about is your mind. Get this right and you are already 50% into the therapy.

Why me?
No special reason. About 40,000 new cancer cases are detected in Malaysia every year. Nobody targeted you specifically because people who are of different beliefs than you also get cancer. If you include the whole world, millions get cancer every year. Seems cancer is color and religious blind though there are now statistics to show if you are on certain diet, you run higher risk of getting cancer.

So You Now Have Cancer
Your doctor just confirmed you have cancer. Yes, go and cry your heart out, release the tension. Why you? See paragraph above for answer. So don't engage in self pity. Why are the best songs always sad songs? Because the heart thrives on sadness, making how pitiful and unfair this world and life have been to you, and with that you even cry more. Wake up, you are victim of your own doing. Think of some of the people or photographs of skeleton like children that you read and see in the newspapers that are malnutrition; who is better off? You or them? But I am not them? Then even more you should not cry because they don't have cancer and will live most probably like this for the rest of their lives (may next 50 years). I am just reminding you a fact of life that there are thousands more people worst off than you, cancer or not. Recover from your cancer and let us help these people.

OK, finish with your crying? You must stop because there are so many things to do with so little time left. Maybe you are like me, doctors say no cure. Better still, you have no fall back plan, so what you select and do is the only way for you to live. Thousands who are told by their doctors that they are going to die, survived. How did they do it? Yes, copycat reproduction, following what other people have successfully done.

Miracle Cure
Don't be infatuated by miracle cures. I have even heard money back guarantee therapy. Only problem is that if you die, you can sue him/her in Heaven/Hell. Many are scams only out for your money. Testimonials are doctored and crowds at clinic nothing more than part-time actors/actresses or cohorts. Of couse there may be some genuine ones. How do you know? Don't ask me, I don't know. Calm your heart. You cannot stopped people from enticing you this but can chose not to follow. That's why you must be informed and you get this through reading. This therapy that you are going to do has been in existence for over 80 years. Documented with clinics and therapist all over the world (except Malaysia?). A famous third party documentary film maker (DYING TO HAVE KNOWN, filmmaker: Steve Kroschel) has even verified it for you already. Thousand have benefitted and you are the next. So be focus on what you want to do and you get most from it.

Staying Positive
You now have a way to treat your cancer. Worst case is that you will die. Nothing to be afraid, the doctors have already said it and now you confront it. Now you can do something to turn it around and whatever the outcome then, it will not be worst off than death itself.

In the next instalment, I will touch on the theory of the therapy so that you can understand how this therapy can help you. Please read the Gerson book.

I apologise to anyone whom I may have offended when I use the children for comparison. I have no intention of profiting from other people's woes. What I quoted is a fact of life.


  1. Hi Mr Chang,

    My name is Justin Choo. I am retired and now surfing the net full time. I also write articles, especially on wellness in "". It was through my search on the Sabah Snake Grass that I arrived at your very interesting and informative blog.

    By the way I am also a Theravada Buddhist, and I answer Buddhist questions at "". Coincidentally, I used to live in SS14, many years ago. I am now back in Penang.

    So much for the long-winded introduction.

    I have written an article on Gerson Therapy, after coming across a booklet written by a Thai monk who cured himself of cancer following the Gerson Therapy in Thailand. I wonder whether you are aware of this case? You can find the link in my article.

    Another thing; I've taken the liberty to link your blog to my article and also published your photos. I hope other cancer readers will be encouraged by your progress and success in curing cancer. If you object, please let me know and I shall delete them immediately with apologies.

    Hope you fully regain your health in due course.

    I am now "following" your blog.

    Justin Choo

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