Monday, May 31, 2010

Only You Can Make The Difference

Every now and then, you will see me saying and repeating the same things. Forgive this old man. It may seems like a drop in the ocean, insignificant. But I disagree. I am trying to get, at least one of you to change. Please change your life style before its too late. Cancer is on the increase and if last month you did not get it, then your chances of getting it later becomes even more as the day passes. Less oil, sugar and salt in your diet. Lower your meat consumption to less than 25% of your diet. If possible, be a vegan at least two days a week. Don't be like me, struggling just to make another day. Its like living in hell on earth.

Yesterday I did some wood work. My daughter wanted a custom made white light box (13" x 18") with a matt glass top for her drawings as she needs to carry it around. For most part of the work, I use wood working equipment (I am a handyman) to do the job and the most taxing is to smoothern the surfaces of the wood. With a electric planner, it gets the job done easily. I used a manual saw because the jig saw would not give a straight cut while the circular saw is an overkill for the job. I must say everything went smoothly and did the job in two hours split over two sessions as I need to juice and do coffee enema in between. My energy levels has certainly improved and I did not feel tired while doing the manual work.

This morning I woke up a bit tired and there was same muscle pain around the thighs and back of the body due to yesterday's squatting and bending. I am not complaining as this pain is a far cry from what I experienced previously in March and April.

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