Friday, June 18, 2010

Going Natural

This morning I woke up to slight pain around my shoulder blade area and my back. The last two days I spent sometime cutting down some two wild trees that grew very quickly in front of my house. I think if I leave it for a while longer, it will be more difficult to cut down. I believe the pain will go away after a few days. It has always been like this, do something strenuous and you get rewarded with pain. Today I will continue to cut down a plant that also grew too big with the saw and as I was wiping the saw blade with some oil, I lost concentration and one of my fingers was cut by the saw teeth. Really clumsy of me.

Not much happening with my daily routine other than yesterday when the tap ran dry for a few hours and only came back around 9am. Of course I am glad it did. Later I found out that the Water Works Dept was doing some work nearby. The next batch of mouth uncers have developed but other than that, I feel great.

Recently my wife told me how one reader of the Sun newspaper wrote to say she stopped using shampoo and only used water to wash her hair and now she is dandruff free. Well I tought why now try it myself and I have been using only water to wash and then massage my head since last week. I have been having dandruff problems for years despite using shampoo (mainly Selsun Yellow) and I get skin flakes all over my hair. Well I must admit my dandruff problem has somewhat improved. There are less flakes now. Hopefully over time, I will too be dandruff free.

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