Friday, June 4, 2010

Peaceful Friday

I thought the sore throat would reappear this morning but it did not. However, I do feel that it is gathering steam to strike because I felt my throat kind of dry. As usual, I took another tea spoonful of Manuka honey. This evening, I would try the hyrdogen peroxide treatment suggested by Joanne. At the present moment, I am enjoying the peace and calmness. Energy levels are higher. The body feels well though another bout of mouth uclers should occur anytime now. Stomach gases is still there but it is not posing any major problems and more importantly, not stopping me from eating.

Yesterday I had dinner or rather accompanied my ex-colleagues for dinner. We last met about 6 months ago. Its good to see them but like all professionals, they seems to be stressed out because of their jobs. I always wondered. I have worked in MNCs and noticed that my Western counterparts surely do not work as hard as us Malaysian. Yet their profits are so many times higher. Same company but Malaysian based and we worked days and nights, completely stressed out! So when one of them told me he has an opportunity to work overseas, I told him to jump at it. Not just for the money but for the experience as well.

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