Thursday, June 10, 2010

Feeling Good But Tired

The last two days I was very tired because I did not have my afternoon nap as I was busy running some errands. As a result, I took two days off from my qigong exercises to have a little bit more sleep. It helped a bit of course but I need more. The mouth ulcers have developed fully and now giving me pain now and then. Because one of the ulcers is on my tongue, it is also affecting my ability to eat in peace. I did use some oral aid to help manage the pain. Although my appitite is good, I am not stuffing my stomach full. This way, the body feel a little better. I am continuing to enjoy the calmness of the relativly pain free body.

Of late, a number of my friends and even my daughter has asked for more information about Gerson Therapy. I am saddened by this because their friends or loved ones are suffering from cancer, a number of them having exercised conventional treatment but the cancer spread further. The step-father of my daughter's college mate who hails from South Africa is suffering from severe side effects of the chemo. The cancer has also spread to the lungs and liver.

35% of the cause of cancer is due to diet. I hope that those people who are suffering from cancer, especially those taking conventional treatment, to change their diet immediately. It could help them in their therapy and get better results.

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