Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's Not Over Until You Say It's Over

So far, the pain at the should blade area did not recurr and my sleep was quite good. My schedule has been disrupted a bit since I started doing clean water enema prior to the coffee enema. The time taken to do coffee enema has now increased by about 20 minutes. Has there been an improvement? At this moment, I don't know. It is now much easier to do the coffee enema. The discharge for the coffee enema is still smelly and as before, psychologically I always feel much better after an enema.

For those of you who have constipation problem may consider doing a clean water (always use distilled water) enema if you are not comfortable doing coffee enema. Constipation can become a major health problem as the colon gets clogged up and traps the toxic waste that should be eliminated. Contributors to constipation are habitual in nature. The key contributor is from a regular diet of refined and processed foods. The other contributors are a lack of fiber, some medications, especially pain killers, excess iron, antidepressants, food allergies, tap water, lack of magnesium and potassium, poor muscle tone, lack of water, hypothyroidism and obesity.

I am a little busy these few days because I need to do some research for some of the materials that I want to post later. I am also assisting a lady in her late 50s who is now on chemotherapy for her lung cancer. I am also gathering information to help her deal with the side effects of chemo and her constipation problem. I think I may have found something for her and will post them later. There is no money involved. Why am I doing this? Because she desperately needs help and I was told she is on the verge of giving up. Life is precious, so I do what I can as others have done for me.

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