Monday, June 28, 2010

Shifting Clouds, Sunshine Ahead?

Yesterday night before I went to bed, I asked my wife to give me a light massage around the shoulder blade area. I slept much better last night nor was I awaken by any shoulder or back pain. As I have lost lots of muscles during the early stages of the therapy, I noticed I can easily hurt myself with simple knocks and its painful. I just have to be more careful during this period.

Next weekend, I will be travelling to Singapore to see my Homeopathy doctor for follow-up medication. I will also try to visit KC for the first time, someone I wanted to meet way back in March 2010 but could not then. KC has colon cancer and exhausted conventional treatments and now doing Gerson. He is under supervision of a therapist and I would like to meet him to learn more from him, especially on the healing reactions and body pains. He was also the one that introduced me where to get Gerson supplements in Singapore (could not get them in Malaysia).

I am now researching on the nutritional differences between eating potatoes and brown rice. As Asians, our diet is predominantly rice based. Under Gerson, we are recommended to take brown rice only once a week, but what if we use rice to replace potatoes on a daily basis? What is the impact on the tumors? For me, I have and still do take brown rice but for short periods of time, when I have problems eating potatoes.

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