Thursday, June 10, 2010

So You Want To Do Chemotherapy

I think almost everyone would consult a sepcialist and the oncologist for cancer treatment. These doctors will only recommend 4 kinds of treatment namely surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and no treatment (late cases). They are not allowed to recommend anything else for fear of medical suits and also the medical association taking action against them and barring them from practicing medicine. That's why even when they have no treatment for you, they will not and cannot recommend anything else. I know because I am one of the patient.

I just spoke to someone whose sister has lung cancer and she told me the reason why her sister took chemotherapy was on advise of the doctor. So as a patient, you must understand this cancer game and take steps by reading on your own to get more about the treatment itself. You cannot blame it on the doctor because he has no other choice but you do. Although we are not doctors, we have the right and can still get balanced view about chemotherapy. Don't just rely on the doctors know best attitude, understand what the therapy is all about. The picture on the left shows what happens when chemo is accidentally spilled on the hand. Imagine if this is purposely injected into your body! The best part is that she said she knows chemo is poison but yet they proceeded. Just after two courses, she is now very weak, losing her voice and I believe overtime, lose more things.

Get cancer and you are expected to die, so what's wrong with that? To most people, when someone dies of cancer, well it's acceptable because there are no known effective cure for the moment. So please do not accept this kind of attitude and mentality because it does not have to be this way. I respect that each and everyone of us have the right to chose whichever therapy one prefers. All I am asking of you is to seek more information first from other reliable sources before making the decision.

A MUST SEE video called A World Without Cancer can be seen here.

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