Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Are Free Things No Good?

A slight change in the diet did the trick. I replaced the potatoes with brown rice porridge and my stoach had a much easier time. Sometimes I wonder if I am getting this pregnant women craving phenomena. I would prefer certain foods over other foods that I have no problems taking in the past, now suddenly becomes unappetising. Arising from this change and also because of my past experience eating potatoes with stewed vegetables which caused me to have stomach gases, everytime I eat these foods, somehow I feel my stomach will complain. Of course, it could be due to the mind and nothing more but the stomach gases did give me a though time. This is wishful thinking that comes true. I hope this behavior is only temporary.

Now that much of the pain on my body has subsided, the "pain" on my buttocks has become more apparent. I lost a lot of muscles in my buttocks during the Sep-Oct 2009 period. This makes sitting uncomfortable. Although the situation has improved such that I can now sit on hard surfaces (like cement or wood) without much problems for short period of time, siting even on softer surfaces for longer peiod of time is still uncomfortable and a little painful. I wonder how much longer will it takes for the muscles to grow back?

I do receive some very good news about some new cure every now and than and just this month alone, I received two that looks promising. However, not much is documented and based on testimony alone is not good enough for me. Reading the theory behind the Gerson Therapy (GT) has taught me a lot. Sometimes I wonder, the GT which has 80 years of successes wherein thousand have been cured, why is it that this therapy is not well known in Malaysia? Why is nobody interested in promoting it? I believe the answers lies in there is nothing to made by promoting this therapy. Maybe it is because to be a Gerson Therapist, you must have a basic degree in Medicine. However, with just RM120 (US$36), you can buy the book and self administer. Everytime people contact me to understand this therapy, I actually lose money, about RM20 for my petrol, also RM2 on CD/DVD plus my time. My worst disappointment is that these people do not read, they think I am their doctor and expect me to tell them everything. This is the problem when you do it for free. Good things that cure cancer much be expensive, only then people will believe. That's why people are willing to be cheated of RM40k for some fake cure. Sigh...

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