Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Business As Usual

There is not much happening now days and as usual, the daily routine of jucing, diet and coffee enema detox. Except for the morning coffee enema, I think the other two enemas in the afternoon and evening is becoming normal i.e. not that smelly anymore. The only exception is on days when I do the cator oil enema wherein the discharge would be much more smelly.

Off and on I do get stomach indigestion, even after the first morning juice. Perhaps it's the stomach gases contributing to it. Anyway I think I need to work on my stomach and help it improve and some of my eating problems will also disappear. I am modifying my lunch/dinner diet a little to include some brown rice because just on pure vegetables (plus the potatoes) is not enough as I still get this indigestion feeling especially after eating (despite eating slowly).

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