Monday, June 14, 2010

Ordinary Weekend

Yesterday I experience a little twitching around my rib area and also on the left shoulder blade for a short while. There is no growth or apparent pain when I press against the ribs and the shoulder blade areas. I am not sure what to make of it but will monitor for the next few days. Hopefully it's only a twitch. I am not sure if these could be due to the brown rice and pumpkin and sweet potatoes that I have been taking for lunch/dinner the last two weeks.

I did apply some oral aid to lessen the pain of the mouth ulcers particularly at night. It helped and now the pain from ulcers has subsided somewhat. Notwithstanding above, I still feel very good, generally pain free and have quite some energy to move about. I need to improve on my sleep though.

Although there is football fever all over the world, this time round I did not catch it. As I did not subscribe to Astro, so I only watch the 10pm TV1 telecast and did not bother to get up and watch the 2.30am match. I cannot afford to watch because I will feel very tired the next day. So it will most likely that I will miss all the semi-final matches onwards. I will try and catch the delayed telecast though. Maybe next round.

The rice dumplings that you see in the picture is made by my mother. Hakka clan's rice dumplings are normally much bigger than your average rice dumplings and we normally only use pork for the fillers. For health reasons, my mother defatted the meat before using them. As a result, the rice dumpling may not be that oily and as soft as it used to be but it is still very good. It takes 10 hours of boiling the dumplings in water before they are ready to be served. It's a day when the whole family look forward to because those that is bought cannot be compared at all not only in terms of size, quality but taste as well. Like the Chinese saying goes, nothing beats home cooking. But for me, these goodies will have to wait for at least another year.

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