Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What A Relief!

Yesterday I made some changes to my juicing routine. I am now doing 5 apple+carrot juices, 3 carrot juices and 4 green vegetable juices (previously 6 apple+carrot and 6 green vegetable juices). The main reason for the change is that since I now have access to the liver supplements, I can take it at the same time with the carrot juices.

Yesterday I really had a tough time because of the stomach gases. Drinking the hourly juices became difficult and I could only eat half portion of my lunch and dinner. Swallowing anything was difficult. These gases has been troubling me for the last three weeks. It also make doing the enemas a little difficult since I feel a bit uncomfortable lying down. Still the show must go on. I just have to bear with it for a while longer. Luckily after the night enema, the gases eased a bit.

This morning I woke up with almost all the stomach gases gone. While the gases may have left, I got another tongue ulcer. This is a minor discomfort. I quickly prepared the juices and breakfast and then left for my qigong exercises. What a relief! I will buy lottery today.

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