Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy To Soon

I was a little too happy too early. Just when I though the stomach gases has subsided, the gases began to build up late afternoon. It was bearable during dinner time but began worst even after the night enema. After supper, I felt the food all along my throat and had to sit for a while before I could sleep. Anyway at least I could still eat and sleep. Hopefully things would improve in the morning.

When I woke up this morning, the stomach gases was still present but compared to the day before, it was an improvement. As usual I prepared the juices and breakfast and left for my qigong exercises. After completing the exercises at 8am, the gases were still lingering along the throat area. Taking the magnesium trisilicate mixture would certainly help but I though it would best to bear with the situation and let it heal naturally and live with the discomfort. I would make some peppermint tea instead. Stomach gases may seem a small thing but in my case, it actually block the throat passage so much so even taking water like juices or soup becomes a problem. It get "stuck". The gases refuses to give way and pushing the food or water down the throat to the stomach becomes painful. Sigh...

I am sweating more as the qigong exercises becomes longer. The short exercises are also very taxing due to the repetitive nature and the awkward standing position of the legs that I have to be in. The thighs, joints and the shoulder area become painful the next day. My Lao-shi says the pain is a good sign but I will not experience such pain over time.


  1. Would charcoal tablets from the chemist ease the stomach gases ? Steven Ng

  2. Well I suppose if any medication used to help expel the gases would be OK. After reading one of the Gerson Institute's bulletin, I think the body generate the gases as part of the healing process. It is important not to stop it.