Sunday, April 25, 2010

It Comes And Goes

Despite all the problems and pain I am facing, I wake up every morning with renewed hope and enthusiasm. If I do wake up the next day, it means I will have one more additional day to improve my health. In life everything comes with a price. Who can say earning a living is easy? Battling cancers of course is even worst but the reward is that you can live one more extra day.

They are going to make a film about Dr Death, the doctor who helps terminally ill people to die. I have previously wondered why terminally ill people would want to die earlier? Now I can chose death easily by just reverting to a high animal protein diet and definitely will die within the next two months. However, the death would be very painful. As the body waste away and the tumor grows, so does the pain. This pain is what you possibly never experience before (and never want to), so much so you wish you had a switch to turn off your life. That's what Dr Death allows the patients to do. Of course, now I know because I am in the same position. Frankly if I can, I want to have this switch too as insurance.

The stomach gases thingy is improving slightly. Basically it alternate between days and even if it comes, it is not that bad (touch wood). At least I can still eat and drink my juices. I have stayed away of stewed vegetables and potatoes for a few days and for the coming week I will eat organic brown rice with salads instead. Next week I will resume back to the normal diet. Hopefully my stomach would have the break it needed to recover.

The New Zealand Royal Gala apples are crunchy, sweet and sour in taste but generates quite a lot of juices. I am quite happy to use it. The pain the the rib cage area is dull and bearable. The cough comes and goes as it likes. I have lost another 0.5kg as I have not been able to eat too much for the past week. I feel very skinny and could easily touch the bones of my hand, body and legs. The consolation is that I can still sleep, walk, eat (hopefully more this week), talk and blog.

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