Monday, April 12, 2010

The Stomach Gas Saga Continues

Yesterday I had a short reprieve. The stomach gases were down and I was able to take most of my food and juices. This may have been due to the medication that I took or also could be from the change of strategy. Earlier I had adopted a strategy of making sure I eat no matter what but I have decided to change it to allow the stomach to rest. Now I do not push in so much food and juices. Instead I will only take in say 80% full and slowly over a period of time to allow the stomach to digest and recover.

The stomach gases is not that strong in the morning but builds up toward the evening after the night enema. I still do not know why this is so. It cases slight discomfort. Anyway I will continue to take the medication Simethicone for a while more.

This morning I felt the stomach gases started to build up a bit even before I took my first glass of juice. But it was not that strong, so I just let it be and continue to prepare the juices and breakfast oatmeal before heading for my qigong practice.

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