Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Trying To Cope

My emotional states has been going up and down over the last few weeks. This is mainly due to the gases in my stomach. When there are no gases, the body feels very good but when the gases is present, it makes me uncomfortable and also makes eating and drinking of juices difficult. So at one moment I feel good and yet at a few hours later I would feel lousy. Still I try to improve my situation by controlling food intake and also taking of medication. I still don't quite understand why the stomach gases takes so long to heal and what's going on inside the body. I try and read from other people's blog and search the Internet for answers and clues but still have not found the answer. I believe it is related to healing reaction but I could not confirm. I reported this to my homeopathy doctor and all he said was to take some homeopathy medication. So I guest the problem is not big and only some discomfort on my side. I will try and get some answers when I meet Dr Rama on May 8.

My wife has reminded me to take it easy and just do what I can and not get unduly worried over such development. I think so too because I am trying my best and leave the rest to my destiny which I am trying to change and improve. Remember about the true story of Liao Fan's Four Lessons on Changing Destiny? I have a copy of the VCD and should any of you require a copy of the dubbed version in English (dubbed by our very own Patrick Teoh) let me know. It's for free distribution. You can also watch it on Youtube. Although it has a Buddhist background, you are the one that determines your own future, nobody else.

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