Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Better Tomorrow?

For the past two days, the pain has been quite bad. The pain emanates from the lower right ribs of the chest. When sitting in a relax mode, there is no pain but the butt hurts a little. Sleeping seems to be the best position as it does not disturb the butt and the ribs. The only problem with this position is then when I turn left or right and when lying down or getting up time, there is pain. When I cough, it really hurts bad! No blood only white phelm.

The stomach gases problem is now not so bad now but it does come once in a while. At the same time I noticed my enema discharge is also getting back to normal, golden brown (which is caused by the bile) and of course, the discharge is smelly. I just go about my daily routine and look forward to a better tomorrow.


  1. Chang,

    Read yr latest blog, in continuing to pray for you, I thought I shd tell you I tried bowel purge using castor oil too.

    The effect on the stomach, the intestines were very much the same with your experience.

    It certainly gave me a total discharge, and will try it again next month.

    Chang, continue to think positive

    Best regards from KokPiew

  2. Good to hear you are doing someting to improve your health. Yes, you should do on a regular basis.

    I always get a sense of relief after that. Whatever the outcome, I will do what I have to do and so far so good.