Monday, April 12, 2010

Life Is But A Journey

During a search in the Net, I came across this website (http:\\ that promotes alternative medicine through herbs. It contains many cancer patients stories of successes and failures but there are something written in there that I would like to share:

Attitude is the most important. Remember the case of 72 year old Mama S? Well I met her daughter last week and was told she could not stand the strict Gerson Therapy regiment and diet. So she went back to her old diet. Anyway it's her life.

Sometime in December 2009, another 60 year old man, AN approach me as he had colon cancer. He has decided against conventional medication and was very eager to start the Gerson Therapy. However, I have not heard from him since before Chinese New Year.

Dear friends: no one owes you a living. To live or to die is your choice. So make you own decision. But such cases happen all the time! We are accustomed to this already. We feel sad and sorry to hear such unnecessary stories.

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