Thursday, April 15, 2010

When The Going Gets Tough

Yesterday the day started off quite good. Earlier in the morning during my qigong exercises, we were practicing short repeated exercises. As a result, my thighs and shoulder area became rather painful because of the twists and turns. As the day progresses, the stomach gases also started to build up. So I prepared noodles soup for my lunch instead. The coffee enema was as expected. By late afternoon I was really having a bloated stomach and had difficulty drinking my juices. I managed to complete about 50% of my dinner. By the time I finished my night enema, I was feeling really lousy. There were dull pain all over, especially on my thighs and shoulder area. I applied some oil and began to do some self message while my wife helped me on the shoulder area.

This morning I woke up feeling a little pain around the back area while the pain around the thighs are gone. I skipped my qigong exercise this morning to allow the body to have a day more rests. By the time I finished my first juice, I can sense that the stomach gases is building up. Sigh... Anyway, I am determined to feel good today and not let this problem drag my day down. I will continue to take homeopathy medication to help expell the stomach gases.

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